Your 7 Chakras Explained:                                                                A Guide
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Your 7 Chakras Explained: A Guide

Introduction: Your 7 Chakras Explained

What are Chakras?

Chakras are points in the human body that represents spiritual energy. There are 7 Chakras which represent 7 different aspects of our human bodies. Each chakra represents something different.

When one or all of your chakras are open, you will promote balance and grounding in your mind, body, and spirit. When one or all of your chakras are blocked, it may cause imbalance or chaos within your mind, body, and spirit.

Now that we have covered what chakras are, we can explore the amazing ways to open them up, to balance and ground ourselves. We can perform certain practices and activities to balance our chakras and help our spiritual energies flow positively without chaos and negative energy.

We will explore each chakra and learn about chakra affirmations to practice and give our spiritual energies a boost, whenever we feel down or hopeless. Here you will find associated colors, elements, and activities to keep them open.

Crown Chakra-(Sahasrara)

7. Crown Chakra-(Sahasrara)

Connects us to the universe, the divine, the creator. Gateway to higher consciousness, enlightenment, and our spiritual self. Located at the top of the head, stands for knowledge, understanding, bliss, and beliefs.

Promotes a higher consciousness with the divine universe, when open, when closed, you will feel disconnected from your higher power.


  • Colors- Violet
  • Mantra-OM
  • Element- None

Mantras (Affirmations)

  • I have everything I need
  • I love and trust myself
  • I forgive myself and others
  • I am peaceful, tranquil, and serene
  • I am not fearful of those around me
  • I am grounded to the earth and connected to the heavens
  • I understand deeper truth and connection

Activities to Open Crown Chakra

Keep track of sleep cycles, go to bed earlier, and wake up at sunrise. Keep track of menstrual cycles, and moon phases.

Ask the universe the right questions about your purpose, meditate, and write down any messages you receive.

Spend time outdoors, try to catch sunrises/sunsets, stargaze, watch the ocean, volunteer, or be of service to others.

Third Eye Chakra-(Ajna)

6.Third Eye Chakra-(Ajna)

Represents intuition, transcendental between time, universes, and spiritual planes. Located at the center of the forehead, it promotes imagination, manifestation, wisdom, clarity, visualization, and making decisions.

When open you will receive visions from the divine universe, when close you are disconnected from the divine universe and will have a hard time receiving your messages and trusting your intuition


  • Colors-Indigo
  • Mantra-OM
  • Element-None

Mantras (Affirmations)

  • I use my intuition wisely
  • All that I need is within me
  • I see the divine light in everyone
  • I am open to receive abundance

Activities to Open Third-Eye Chakra

Take time to get to know yourself and become honest about your flaws. Forgive yourself and others. Keep a dream journal at your bedside.

Throat Chakra-(Vishuddha)

Throat Chakra-(Vishuddha)

Represents communication and self-expression. It is located in the throat and promotes speaking your truth, and speaking up for others.

When opened, you can express yourself freely, when closed, you have a hard time finding the right words to explain yourself.


  • Colors-Blue
  • Mantra-Ham
  • Element -Ether


  • I can say no when I have to
  • I will think before I speak
  • I listen to my intuition

Activities to Open Throat Chakra

Share your goals and dreams. Practice speaking positive mantras. My favorite thing to do do is to practice speaking positive mantras while in the shower.

Heart Chakra-(Anahata)

4.Heart Chakra-(Anahata)

Represents love, emotions, self-esteem, tolerance, peace, balance, stability, empathy and gratitude. Located in the sternum, promotes hope, relationships, and forgiving others. The ability to give and receive love for ourselves and others

When opened you will receive deep love and empathy, when closed you will have a hard time showing your emotions to others.


  • Colors-Green
  • Mantra-Yam
  • Element-Air


  • I know everything is connected
  • I accept myself and others as we are
  • I am open to healthy relationships

Activities to Open Heart Chakra

Write a love letter to yourself. Create a gratitude journal. Volunteer, or attend a church service. Be helpful to others, do kind things.

Solar Plexus Chakra-(Manipura)

3.Solar Plexus Chakra-(Manipura)

Represents self-esteem, confidence, personal power, ego, maturity, and authenticity. Located in the solar plexus, promotes vitality, desire, purpose, will-power, and dedication

When open you express your true self, when closed you feel self-doubt and shame.


  • Colors-Yellow
  • Mantra-Ram
  • Element Fire


  • I am connected to a greater life
  • I value myself
  • I am confident in my abilities
  • I know my self-worth

Activities to Open Solar Plexus Chakra

Engage core muscles by doing yoga or bodyweight exercises. Learn to stop judging yourself, speak positive mantras.

Sacral Chakra-(Swadhisthana)

2.Sacral Chakra-(Swadhisthana)

Represents our sexuality and male/female energy. Promotes pleasure, creativity, reproduction, (chi) energy, or energy flow. Located in the lower abdomen, between the navel and genitals. It can stand for intimacy, joy, nurturing, sensuality.

Represents emotions of ourselves and others, including creative and sexual energy.

When closed, you will feel out of control, when opened, you will feel fulfilled with pleasure and abundance.


  • Colors-Orange
  • Mantra-VAM
  • Element-Water


  • I am kind
  • I am compassionate
  • I feel good about myself
  • I can express myself positively

Activities to Open Sacral Chakra

Bodyweight exercises, visualize the color orange, let go.

Root Chakra-(Muladhara)

1.Root Chakra-(Muladhara)

Represents grounding, stability, will to survive, life force, and nature. Promotes connection to the earth and all living things. Acceptance, basic needs, security, and support. Located at the base of the spine.

It can also represent our foundation. When opened, we feel grounded and confident. When closed, we feel threatened and unstable.


  • Colors-Red
  • Mantra-Lam
  • Element-Earth


  • I am grounded and connected to the earth
  • I belong
  • I have a purpose here in earth
  • I am connected to nature

Activities to Open Root Chakra

Visualize the color red, dance, sing, do yoga, shower, go for a walk, get a pedicure.


Your 7 Chakras Explained: A Guide

We have covered each one of the 7 chakras. We have learned what they are and what they represent. We know about their attributes, including colors, mantras, and elements. We learned how to keep our chakras balanced and opened. We know how we will feel when each of our chakras is blocked or unbalanced.

Our 7 chakras are our spiritual points in our bodies that manifest how we feel and how we react. When balanced, we are healthier, more intuned with ourselves, the earth, and the universe.

Connect with me by visiting my contact page and social links. Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. I look forward to hearing from you, until next time, XO

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