How To Create A Bohemian Sacred Space for Your Yoga/Meditation Practice in 10 Simple steps
girl doing yoga in boho chic space

How To Create A Bohemian Sacred Space for Your Yoga/Meditation Practice in 10 Simple steps

sacred space for yoga meditation practice

How To Create A Bohemian Inspired Sacred Space for Your Yoga/Meditation Practice in 10 Simple steps


  • Identify the purpose of your space
  • Decide what space to use-Leverage corner space
  • Make it your own(Decorate)-How to share a space
  • Bring in nature
  • Follow your senses
  • Add Sounds to your space
  • Keep it simple
  • Use corners
  • Keep Your supplies handy
  • Honor you space (Make it sacred)

1. Identify the purpose of your space

Is your space for yoga, meditation, journaling, prayer, or just being? That is totally up to you. You have to figure out how this dedicated space will fit your needs based on your interests. It can be a combined space, where you might work and workout. Or sleep, and meditate. The design and décor should be based on what speaks to you.

2. Decide what space to use

The room or dedicated space that you decide to make your own can be your room or a part of your living room. It can be an office, an attic, a sun porch, or even an outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be very big, it just has to serve the purpose of being only for you.

Designating the space

Once you have decided what room, half room, shared room, or corner you will use, now comes the fun part. Before you begin decorating and making it your own, it’s a good practice to clean the space entirely, making sure there are no dusty areas. A good smudging with burning sage will help clear the atmosphere and prepare the area to invite positivity while clearing any negative energy.

3. Make it your own

Decide what colors make you the happiest, then go from there. You can use items you already have to personalize the space according to what brings you joy. You can add pillows, candles, incents, your favorite wall tapestries, and linens. Decide if you want a minimal look or cozy up environment with plush items and throw blankets.

You can choose to have your space bursting with color, or nature-themed, or Bohemian themed. You can choose any type of color palette that is pleasing to your personal vibe.

Mood Board

Whenever I want to redecorate or freshen up a room in my house, I use Pinterest or other social media to collect colors and patterns to make a virtual mood board. That way I can see and visualize how certain colors, patterns, and textures go together.

4. Bring in nature

Use your favorite plants to liven up your space. I love buying little colored cacti, or aloe vera plants to decorate desks and windowsills around my home. You can do the same to bring the element of earth and air into your space. If you have an aquatic tank or birds you can share your space with them as well.

5. Follow your senses

What type of smells do you love? Is it lavender or rose? Whatever it is, I’m sure there is a candle or essential oil to recreate your favorites. An essential oil diffuser will be great for your sacred space, as well as scented candles and incense. An air purifier or humidifier will help improve the quality of the air in your environment, which is key in your yoga/meditation practice.

What type of colors make you feel warm and safe? Or relaxed and refreshed. Whatever they are, make sure those colors are incorporated in your sacred space. You can add figurines, gemstones, marbles, stones, posters, and framed pictures in those colors to accentuate your sacred space with the colors that speak to you and your aura.

An electric teapot, your favorite mug, and your favorite teas are a great way to honor your taste buds. Your favorite candies, like mint or cinnamon, are great additions to your sacred space to help you concentrate on being present in the moment. Water with lime or other diffused water recipes is also wonderful to have in your sacred space.

6. Add Sounds to your space

A Bluetooth speaker, playing your favorite binaural beats or meditation music can really help you escape, as you practice your yoga sequence or meditation. A Tibetan singing bowl, chimes, bells, nature sounds, or a small water fountain can really help you focus while practicing. If you are near a window, open it to hear the birds or the sounds of nature outside. Sometimes the busyness of the outside can help you calm your mind, and give you something to focus on if that is hard for you.

7. Keep it simple

This sacred space is about you and your needs. It does not have to look like anything you have seen online, on TV, or in a magazine. It should only be a reflection of who you are and who you are trying to be. To do not have to go overboard buying the perfect décor to make it aesthetically pleasing to your social media followers or your friends. The only person’s opinion that matters is yours.

8. Use corners

If you do not have a room of your own, you can dedicate a corner in a room for your sacred space. Even if you share your living space with a roommate or family, you can still use any little corner in your home or bedroom for your sacred space. It does not have to be anything grand, it just has to be functional for your needs.

9. Keep Your supplies handy

Keep the things you need for your practice available at all times in your sacred space. Whether that is a yoga mat, prayer rug, audio speaker, towel, water, or blankets. Whatever you use, make sure its there in your reach at all times. If space is an issue, a little basket or container to keep your mats and other items can be very useful.

10. Honor your Bohemian sacred space (make it sacred)

The last but most important part of creating your personal space is to make it sacred.  There are many ways to obtain and maintain your space as sacred to you. Keeping the area clean, keeping the air purified, caring for the plants, and washing all the linens will help keep your space sacred.

You can also make sure you do not use this space as extra storage or a mudroom for your shoes, umbrellas, etc. If you have children, make sure they don’t leave their toys and books in your area. Do not leave your clothes, or any type of mail in your bohemian sacred space, The energy you maintain in this space is as important as the décor.


We have covered 10 simples steps in creating the perfect Bohemian-inspired sacred space for your yoga/meditation practice. We have learned in this article that the size of the space or location, being indoors or out, absolutely does not matter.

We have learned that you do not need to spend money, you can use what you already have. We covered sharing spaces, adding décor, and using a mood board to plan your color palette. We discussed all the things you can add to make it your own, and how to keep your space sacred.

Connect with me by visiting my contact page and social links. Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. I look forward to hearing from you, until next time, XO

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