Hey, What The Hygge?
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Hey, What The Hygge?

Hygge pronounced hoo-ga is the Danish word for well being

What does Hygge living mean?

The word Hygge means well being in Danish. It’s a state of being that involves being present at the moment, being comfortable, having a clean uncluttered space, and living slow. There are many ways to practice Hygge in your daily life. It could be as simple as going tech-free for an afternoon and cuddling up with fuzzy socks, your favorite blanket, and that book you have been meaning to read. It could be as elaborate as getting together a few of your besties for an evening of paint and sip. Hygge living can be whatever you need it to be in the moment. It’s all about slowing down your usual pace and taking time to appreciate the simple things in your life.

How you can bring the elements of Hygge into your daily life

Making yourself warm, comfy and cozy is one of the best ways to bring Hygge into your life

It all starts with creating minimal, organized, and cozy spaces around you. It could be as simple as extra blankets and pillows on your bed. Candles in your bathroom, essential oils diffusing around your home, and making a warm cup of tea or soup. Hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life slowly, and being fully present while doing so. Being grateful and feeling blessed to be alive, having a roof over your head, good food to eat, great company, and clothes you keep you warm. Drawing a bath and soaking in a candlelit bathroom, decorating with fairy lights, reading a great book, or listening to music while you clean and organize are all ways to practice Hygge in your daily routine. It’s all about slowing down and appreciating the time you have to yourself, or you can have a Hygge experience with loved ones or your significant other. Games nights, a romantic movie, or just having a cup of cocoa with a friend and great conversation are all ways to practice Hygge.

Reconnect with the outdoors.

Set up a cozy spot outdoors in your backyard. You can have a picnic in the grass while appreciating the sounds of birds and nature. You can enjoy the sun and the movement of clouds. You can take a walk down memory lane and remember the best moments of your life. Hugging a tree, walking around barefoot in the grass, practicing grounding, are all great ways to bring Hygge living into your life. There are so many ways to practice slower living and living in the present. Make sure to acknowledge the morning sun with gratitude for the new day. You can say goodnight to the moon wrapped in your favorite robe or cozy throw. You can bring plants inside your home to bring in nature around you.

It’s the simple things most people take for granted that incorporate a Hygge lifestyle

Moments of silence, where you can just be still in your mind, free of technology and tv are the best ways to practice. Writing in your journal, in your favorite cozy slippers, with a warm cup of tea is the bliss of Hygge living. Organizing your spaces, decluttering your home, giving away things you don’t need will bring a sense of calm to your mind and allow you to experience peace in your surroundings. Doing good deeds, helping others, and being there for your loved ones is all apart of slow living which is the way of Hygge. The practice of Hygge comes from Denmark, which is known for having the happiest people on the planet. They do not let the busyness of the world consume all of their time as we do in America and other countries. They have a very minimalistic way of living, by only keeping the things they use, need, and love in their surroundings. Which makes their spaces easier to keep organized. Adding touches of comfort, like pillows, blankets, candles, fairy lights and mood lighting are all ways to bring Hygge into your life. Learning how to take things slow, disconnect from technology, and reading more will calm your mind and spirit so that you can bring peace and joy into your life. Remember, you can Hygge –up any space indoors or out, by adding a few cozy elements.

Remember, you can Hygge –up any space indoors or out, by adding a few cozy elements.

10 Ways To Immediately Start Hygge Living

  • Practice minimalism
  • Schedule mandatory quiet time for yourself
  • Add some cozy blankets and throws to your decor
  • Take a trip to the library or download some e-books
  • Build up your cozy attire and loungewear
  • Practice Yoga and meditation
  • Go for a walk and pay attention to nature
  • Go for a swim with a friend
  • Call up a friend and devote some time catching up
  • Rearrange or refresh your home decor
Lighting and some cozy tapestries can really make a difference

What does slow living mean?

Basically, slowing down your usual pace. Slow living means you are bound by no one else’s time constraints. You are totally living in the moment, observing and appreciating everything around you. You are not at all concerned about whats going on in the world. You completely detach from social media, and from anything that does not serve you purpose. This your time to reflect, and plan for your future. Your time to organize your life, figure what makes you happy and brings you joy and peace. This is your time to focus on what really matters in life. Find your life purpose, or help a loved one find theirs. Getting out into the community and doing good deeds is also a very fulfilling way to practice Hygge. Helping others will help you align with your true purpose in order to manifest all the things you want and need in your life.

So start today and thank me later!

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