Get Your Feng Shui On &Change Your Life
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Get Your Feng Shui On &Change Your Life

What exactly does Feng Shui (pronounced Fung-Shaway) mean?

Feng Shui Is an ancient Chinese science which teaches how to have balance and good energy flow, by placing items around you in a certain space and direction. Feng Shui is a practice of keeping things clutter free and organized, In order to clear the path for wealth, success and abundant energy.

It will also help you keep your mind and well being at peace, centered and balance. Basically, the whole point is to follow practices to keep your spaces whether work or home free of clutter and bad energy.

There are many tools that can be used to promote Feng Shui in your every day lifestyle.

This is a great example of how to keep your desk Feng Shui design to promote creativity, success and abundance.

Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with everything that surround you. It literally means wind and water. Meaning that everything you have already should be placed strategically, so that the “wind and water idea flows through providing good energy to all your spaces.

There are so many ways and practices to add Feng Shui into your lifestyle

Here are some trying you can do from Feng Shui that will allow more wealth and abundance to enter your life.

  • De-clutter all your spaces
  • Fix any leaky facets
  • Clean your front door
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Add some plants
  • Put the toilet seat down
  • Clean your windows
  • Add some gold or purple
  • Mirrors
  • Stove

De- cluttering your space

Clutter is an energy blocker. Thing of Feng Shui as the wind and water. Object will block wind and water and the energy it brings. Keeping your clutter organize and getting rid of anything you are not using will give your space the ultimate opportunity to bring positive energy that flows through your space effortlessly.

Fix leaky faucets

Water is a big symbolism of money. Having a leaky faucet may interfere with your income and the money coming in and out of the house. A leaky or running facet will cause financial hardship if not repaired ASAP.

Clean your front door

The front door symbolizes the energy that comes in and out of your space. A front door should be clean, appealing, and free of blockage.

Clean your front door

Chi is all about light. So never leave a dimmed or burnt out light bulb in a socket so your light will never be dimmed. Keep your financial prospect bright by always having a change of fresh light bulbs when ever you need them.

Add some plants

Keep plants healthy in your home because they promote wealth and prosperity. Never keep a dying plant in your space, it is a terrible chi blocker which can affect your finances and future opportunities.

Clean Your Windows

The windows in your space are the eyes of your environment. If the windows are cloudy then your foresight and judgment will be cloudy as well.

Add some purple and gold

Small ornaments place strategically in your Bagua map of your space will promote royalty and success.


Mirrors have the same energy flow as water, mirror attract abundance and wealth and well. Just do not use in the bedroom as it attracts way too much energy .


The stove is an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity, so keep it tidy and use different burners to move the chi around. Also try to prepare a few heathy meals bring good energy as well.

What does Bagua mean?

Bagua is the Feng Shui energy map that acts a a guide to set up your space for the most positive, energizing, wealth and abundance attracting experience.

Bagua is….

Incorporating the eight Trigrams of the I Ching, arranged around an octagon or a mirror representing the balance of yin and yang. Bagua is the map of the best way to arrange your space for optimal chi energy, peace, wealth, propserity, new opportunities and abundance.

The fundimental idea of Feng Shui is flow


Flow is the motion of the energy that needs to move freely, unobstructed, and have a clear path to keep moving continously in and around every aspect of your life. You can practice Feng Shui to the letter with all the right colors and all your furniture in the perfect positions but if you do not master the manipulation of your flow of energy or (Chi), the energy will not bring positivity or prosperity.

10 ways to promote a positive flow in your surroundings

  • Get rid of any item that no longer serves you
  • Keep all your living spaces free of dust
  • Organize each room so well that you know exactly where to find things
  • Buy a mini fountain for your work space
  • Do not let laundry or lines pile up
  • Go through mail daily and keep only what you need
  • Digitize files
  • Organize and declutter your digital life including emails and text messeges
  • Kitchen are stoves are very symbolic to finances so keep them tidy
  • Move furniture around every so often in every room
A centered soul is a happy soul

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