The Art Of Self Care is about knowledge of self and caring for the most important person in your world, YOU! My mission is to share knowledge within my community and beyond to promote healthy habits that will change and transform your life. Self Care isn’t just about soaking in a tub or relaxing in a spa. It’s about daily habits that when practiced mindfully, will help center and align your entire being, in order to manifest your best life.

I plan to cover topics about

  • mindfulness

  • organization

  • wellness

  • Feng Shui

  • Hygge

  • The Law of Attraction

  • manifestation,

  • minimalism

  • self-care

What I offer here are knowledge and wisdom, join me on my journey to live a life fulfilled and in peace. Please feel free to connect with me through email or social media. Leave a comment if you want to discuss any part of any topic or want further elaboration. Follow this blog and join my tribe of enlightened individuals who seek to learn the skills needed to practice living a life more aligned with their goals, dreams, and aspirations 🙂