16 Things You Are Not Doing in Your Morning Routine That Can Sabotage Your Day
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16 Things You Are Not Doing in Your Morning Routine That Can Sabotage Your Day


  • Right after waking up
  • Hydration
  • Activity
  • Breakfast
  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Setting the tone of your day
  • Take care of business
  • Go without

Right after waking

1. Wake up at soon as your alarm goes off, do not hit the snooze button. Train you self to sit directly up, so you do not fall back to sleep

2. Open your chakras by splashing water into you face seven times to represent your seven chakras.

3. Make yourself a warm cup of water with lime, to help you eliminate effectively. I do this every morning and I have seen my weight go down at a steady pace, even when I have not worked out recently.


4.Take a shower, preferably cold. As taking a cold shower will invigorate your body and give you extra energy. If this is hard for you, start of warm then spend the last five minutes under cold water.

5. Make yourself a cup of tea, any kind you like. Then sip 8 oz. of water after. A hydrated body will help you to better function throughout the day. It will help you carry necessary nutrients to your vital organs, helping everything work as its supposed to without exerting extra energy, making you tired and sluggish.


6. Starting a daily exercise practice will help you feel energized and focused. It will also help you maintain or loose extra weight, keep your blood pressure normal, and help fight against heart disease and other ailments.

Things to do for activity

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Weightlifting
  • Exercise bike
  • Dancing
  • Cardio workout

Have Breakfast

7. This is the time to eat whatever you like. It is better to have your biggest meal earlier, be sure to include fresh fruits, fiber, and protein. Eat everything slow and mindful.


8. Making your bed up sets the tone for you entire day, also, there is nothing better than coming home after a long day to a nice, clean comfy bed.

After making your bed, tidy up your entire room. Sort your laundry, sort mail, organize books and anything out of place. Put you laundered clothes away and start a new load. Declutter the entire space and do away with anything you do not need or use.


9. Write out your goals for the day. Task you need to complete and make yourself a schedule to stick to. This will make for a more productive day. Plan your lunch and dinner meals so you will already have in mind what you will eat.

This will help you make healthy choices, and not just eat anything because you are starving. You can also use this time to update your shopping list, order your groceries online.

Setting the tone for your day

10. Meditation is a great way to ground yourself and become one with your thoughts to stay on target for the day. Take a few minutes to just be. Let your mind go wherever it wants to. Be present in the moment and focus on your breathing think of all the things you must be grateful for.

11. Journaling is a great way to write down what you are thankful for, and what you love about being you. You can also include some self-love mantras, that will set a positive tone throughout your day.

12. Playing music can liven up your mood, help you focus, or help with your energy early in the morning. You can find binaural beats music or energy healing frequency tones on YouTube.

Take care of business

13. Make important phone calls in the morning, while everyone is fresh and ready to work.

14. Set up any appointments you may need during this time.

15. Check on loved ones early, so you can avoid interruptions later when you become busier.

Go device/screen-free

16. Spend some time in the morning with your device or the tv. You can take this time to read or have a mindful cup of coffee. This will teach you how to have withing yourself and be present.

Conclusion-Morning Routine

A morning routine is necessary to have a productive day. It will help you pay attention to yourself first and take care of all your needs. A morning routine will help you become more organized and prepared for your day. If you have your day planned out, there is less room for error, and more time to get things you need to do done

Everything does not have to be in any order. You may not even want to do all the things I mentioned. The most important aspect of a morning routine is to wake up early and give yourself time to start your day slow. Once you get going, there is no telling what life will throw at you during your day. With a little preparation, you can make sure things go as smooth as possible.

Even, of you are extremely busy for the rest of the day, if you do not have time to eat lunch or dinner, at least you have nourished yourself with a good breakfast, and some hydration. If you end up spending your entire day running around like a chicken with your head cut off, at least you spent some time strengthening your body to keep your energy high and your motivation strong.

It is very important to start you day off with a routine. The most successful people in the world, have a morning routine. If you want to be successful as well, in every aspect of your life, I suggest you at least try to implement some of the methods I have spoken about.

Waking up early, making your bed, having a cup of warm lime water is a great way to start. This should be a habit for you at first, then with enough practice it may become a lifestyle. Your body, mind, and spirit will benefit greatly with a morning routine. Just give it a try?

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