10 Steps to Balance and Unblock Vibrational Energy
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10 Steps to Balance and Unblock Vibrational Energy

10 Steps to Balance and Unblock Your Vibrational Energy


  • Declutter (Letting Go)
  • Organize (Clean, smudging
  • Journaling (Writing down goals)
  • Night Routine
  • Morning Routine
  • Hydration
  • Wellness
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Self-care
  • Digital Life/Relationships

Declutter (Letting Go)

Messiness and non-organization can create an environment for negativity and nonproductive energy around you. Before you start your cleaning routine, make sure you do not have anything around you that you do not need or no longer use.

After an overhaul of “stuff” that no longer serves you is completed, now you can start organizing what you have left, making sure everything is tidy and neat.

My mom would always tell me when I was younger that “Everything has a place”, boy did that help me as an adult. Everything does have a place, and if it does not, get rid of it.

Storing an over-abundance of things like shoes, clothes, makeup, beauty products, magazine, cost you money in the long run. You must keep buying storage and shelves, or you may even get a bigger place to live, just to keep all your “things”.

Remember that less is always more. You do not need 10 red lipsticks, or 5 eyeliners, 12 pairs of the same style of jeans. Or 6 different shampoos in your shower. You only need one shampoo in your shower at a time.

Living as minimal as possible will create a positive flow of energy throughout your living space, which you help you remain at peace and manifest your heart’s desires.

Organize (Cleaning, Smudging)

Cleaning should be intentional, you should be fully present, and do not multi-task. Go room to room and organize everything, put everything in a specific place. After you are done, you should be able to find and know where all your things are. Clothes that you use the most should hang. Underwear should be separated and folded neatly. Laundry should never pile up. Bath towels should be folded neatly, extra linens should be folded neatly as well.

Mail should be organized; do not keep anything you do not need. Like, past month bills you have already paid. Recycle advertisements and think about going paperless with your creditors.

When cleaning, use solutions that are as natural as possible. If you have wood flooring Murphy’s Oil soap is great. Cleaners that use vinegar, essential oils, or castile soap as the main ingredient not only clean well, but you are not polluting your energy with toxic chemicals.

After your cleaning, organizing, and laundry are done, open your windows and let that stagnate or negative energy that has built up, release into the fresh air. Smudging with a sage stick cleans the air and helps push negative energy out. It is very important to have windows open as you are smudging so the air can purify and filter out negativity.

Adding some nature, like a few houseplants to your environment are all great ways to balance and unblock vibration energy. Together, with an air purifier in your biggest spaces, indoor plants will purify your air quality, and help positive energy flow throughout your space.

Journaling (Writing Down Goals)

Keeping a journal to help write down goals, or plan your day is very useful in keeping your vibrational energy unblocked and flowing. Words are powerful, that is why it called spell-ling. Use your journal to help you stay motivated in working towards your goals.

Every time you complete a goal, or manifest one of your desires, mark it off as complete. Date your journal entries so that you can look back and be motivated by all you have accomplished.

Things to write in your journal

  • Goals
  • Reminders
  • Daily plans
  • Meal or recipe ideas
  • Activity log
  • Dreams
  • Crushes
  • 5-year plans
  • Topics you want to study
  • Books you want to read

 Night Routine

It is very important to have daily routines, especially at night and morning time. You can do various things at night that will raise your vibrations before bed, and keep you balanced for the next morning.

Things to do in your night routine

  • Meditate/Prayer
  • Light a candle
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Breathing or light stretching
  • Write In A Journal
  • Reading
  • Listen To A Podcast
  • Going Tech/Screen Free
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Plan the next day

Morning Routine

Your morning routine is just as important as your night routine. Set your alarm to wake up at a specific time every morning to make the best of your day.

Thing s to do in your morning routine

  • Drink a warm glass of water
  • Meditate
  • Plan Your morning
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Yoga or other exercise
  • Morning walk
  • Tidy up
  • Shower
  • Stretch
  • Gratitude journal


Add more water and herbal tea to your diet to detox your body for optimal health. Drink half your body weight in water if you need to shed a few pounds. Sip water throughout the day. Drink in warm with a squeeze of lime or pink Himalayan salt. Doing this will be sure you are absorbing the water into your bloodstream.

Your urine should be a pale yellow, never dark, and never completely clear. A hydrated body is a balanced body. Your blood will carry all the necessary oxygen and nutrients to your organs. You will lose weight and eliminate toxins regularly. Your energy vibration will be positively energetic and optimal for manifesting your desires. Your temple will be cleansed, and your energy will be open and ready to receive.


I can not stress enough how important your health and wellness are. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. It is still a struggle for me. But now, at least I have the knowledge to make a change and stay committed to eating healthy, being active, and keeping myself hydrated. There is an activity for everyone in every stage of life.

Things to do to stay active

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Body Weight Exercise
  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Dancing
  • Aerobics
  • Power Walking
  • Joining a gym

 Spend Time in Nature 

Nothing will ever raise your vibration higher than going outside and just simply being out in the sun, with the fresh air, and the sounds of nature. Going for a walk amongst the trees, by a body of water or the beach is a great way to spend time in nature. It can be as simple as setting up your backyard to be your own personal oasis.

My favorite thing to do is to sit in my backyard, give and receive energy to the mango tree I have, and simply admire the blue skies, and listen to the birds sing. I live in Miami and it is very tropical here. We have so many different species of birds, and reptiles I can literally just sit back and watch them all day. Plant your favorite flowers and plants in your garden or backyard. Spend time water them and pruning them. Do this mindfully as a great way to raise your energy vibration and keep you balanced.


Self-care can mean a lot of very different things, to different kinds of people. But the main idea is to care for yourself mindfully. Meaning, to be present when practicing self-care. Take a personal assessment of what your immediate needs are, keep track of those things in your journal, check those things off as you complete them.

When assessing yourself, look inward and outward. Self-care might just mean letting some things you have been holding onto go. Or maybe you need some meditation, or to practice some mantras to remind yourself you are worthy of good things and good feeling. Self-care might mean to take care of yourself physically, like grooming your appearance or taking a detox bath. Only you know what you need at the moment. Self-care is all about paying attention to yourself and your immediate needs, mind, body, and spirit.

Digital Life/Relationships

If you spend a lot of time on social media, dating sites, or are engulfed in a new relationship. All that energy may leave you unbalanced. Just remember, everyone you come in contact whether in person or digitally, is exposing you to their energy good or bad.

To stay balanced and keep your energy vibrating as high and positive as possible, you will have to really pick and choose who you are in contact with. In a perfect world, we would all only surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, who have the same goals and passions as we do. Unfortunately, we cannot always only deal with those ideal people. Family, work, and school will cause us to be exposed to every type of person, and sometimes people are just not interested in bettering themselves, so they are stuck in stagnation.

If it is your desire to vibrate as high as possible and to unblock your energy to become more balanced and at peace. Then you must make those tuff decisions, on who to spend your time and energy on.

The best way to start is to take some time to yourself and think about what you have been doing in the last few months. Think about who you have met, who is motivated and inspired you, and who is brought negativity and drama to your door. Once you have got it all narrowed down think about ways to put distance in between the people who have done you harm and meant you no good.

Unfollow anyone who’s life you are not interested in being a part of. Unfollow people you do not communicate with, or you no longer have an interest in what they post. Instead, follow those who share your passion and ins If you are holding a grudge for something someone did to you, let it go. You do not have to deal with them again, just let go of the negative feelings and move on.

Next is to hit up all your emails, delete all messages you no longer need, or archive something you might want to save. Do not keep pictures of people, or text messages from those you no longer want to deal with. Delete all your conversation threads, DMs, and dating apps if there no longer serve you any purpose. Give yourself a clean slate and a fresh start to invite the type of people you want to be involved in your life.


We have explored 10 ways to unblock and balance your vibration energy. This may all sound like a lot of work, time, and effort, but you owe it to yourself to protect you from bad energy. Also, you owe it to yourself to practice good habits to keep your energy positive and powerful to manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

Connect with me by visiting my contact page and social links. Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. I look forward to hearing from you, until next time, XO

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